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Ozerband factory in AFYON city  

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Dear Visitor,

       OZERBAND is founded in 1976 began production in 1977. Initially, cotton fabric transmission belts formed the most part   of the production and in a short period of time, production of cotton and nylon fabric conveyor belts were realized.

       OZERBAND  became the first in a short time due to her quality and services presented to the customers, realizing production of steel cord fabric belts in Turkey in 1982 for the first time. In the same year she realized Turkey's first conveyor belt exportation to Pakistan. This success was followed  by exportations to Iraq, Iran, Libya, Romania, Jordan, Germany, Italy, Neitharland, Yugoslavia, Avusturia, Sweden, Russia, England, an U.S. America. At the same time, continuing her research and development works, Ozerband realized production of OZER SY-2000 cold vulcanized adhesive for the first time in Turkey and offered to the customers. Ozerband continously following renovations of world technology and still in investment period reached the level to be able to produce 308.313 m2 steel and fabric cord conveyor belts which are used in our country in a single shift.

        OZERBAND has been able to produce belt up to 2550 mm. width, then she saved our country from wide belt dependence to abroad. Ozerband, with belt repair workshop presents a service to the customers for the repairment of old belts.

        OZERBAND's whole belts are produced according to the conformity of national and international norms, fabric cord conveyor belts up to 2550 mm. width having TS 547 and K-Q ISO-EN- 9000 conformity certificate and steel cord conveyor belts up to 2000 mm. width having TS 4464 conformity certificate.

      Yours sincerely,


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