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Dear Visitor,

       While writing these sentences I've suddenly felt as if we are going to enter the year 2000 tomorrow and asked where we are in the technology. The world is living the enformatic period today. Technologies are continously improving and developing. Since wheel up to now, everything has been produced in order to easy the human life.

       Conveyor belt has very close and common relations with the necessities of life today. The main purpose of the foundation of OZERBAND which is under the umbrella of the Ozerler Holding A.S. is to produce the material for the support of country development and to improve the human life level.

      Ozerband was founded in 1976 and started production in 1977. Belt production needed an expensive investment and a high technology. Today the level we have reached as far as the production and marketing are conrserned, courage us to meet the 2000's. Knowing that the steel and the textile cord conveyor belts are being used in Afsin-Elbistan, Tuncbilek, Seyitomer and in many plants in the world from America to Pakistan still encourage us.

      Ozerband, has got its place in the world merket after supplying the whole demand of our country. We hoped such a development level from the very beginning. With continous new investments we renewed our technology and improved our quality. Applying world norms we produced 2550 mm. width belts we reached 308.313 m2 production capacity in a single shift. At the same time we continued to resarch and develop. At the end of these studies we produced OZER SY-2000 cold vulcanized adhesive.

     You will recognize and have knowledge about OZERBAND and OZERBAND's productions in the following pages of this booklet which will be a guide to whole sectors needing conveyor belts.

     What proves a country's development is to produce and to sell internationally. To be a country producing and marketing more... Certainly it is possible with presenting good quality productions with competitive prices. I can easily say that; we are producing conveyor belts using the highest technology. We are producing for the world. With our prices, quality and service understanding we are in the world markets.

      We are ready for the 2000's.

      Yours sincerely,                   

  Yusuf OZER


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